Influenced by comedic greats such as Carlin, Murphy, the Stooges and Benny Hill, Valle takes you on an intimate tour of his vulnerabilities exposing his
innermost fears and insecurities. Always providing a light at the end of the tunnel, the comedic road he paves to get you there is twisted and perverse. Tony's
ability to bond with his audience gives you the warm feeling that you've known him for years, making it a more comfortable setting to let loose and laugh till it hurts. Not only will he have you in stitches over the downfalls and tragedies that have knocked him down, he'll leave you wondering why the hell he keeps getting back up!

In 2006, Tony Valle traveled the country, hitting the top comedy cities in America. In just eight months, he added NBC's Last Comic Standing to his resume, however ten seconds of TV time wasn't quite enough to hang up the mic.  After surveying various comedy scenes, New York and Los Angeles were no doubt the obvious choices for him to further his career.  Despite the difficult comedic platform Chicago offered, Valle chose to stay in his home town and create his own path.  It would also provide him his very own playground to practice stand-up, as well as build a comedy network locally and nationally. This is when Yes I Am Show Business was born.

In 2008, Valle hosted and produced a weekly open-mic and monthly showcase which not only ran for over a year at two locations, but produced enough profit to support the life of a starving artist. In 2009, he conceptualized and produced “Traffic Jam”, a stand-up comedy show where the audience controlled the comic's time using an on-stage traffic light.  As a headlining comic, Regina Robinson from the Chicago Tribune gave Valle and “Traffic Jam” a thumbs up.  The venue quickly became one of the city's comedy hot spots, with over fifty of Chicago’s funniest comedians appearing for the weekly show.  Traffic Jam is up and running at 10pm, every Tuesday night at The WIP Theater.

Valle's next project became the "Edison Park Comedy Festival." He co-created and produced the festival with comedian Joe Kilgallon, and was one of the event's top-billed performers. The festival saw  five hundred people over four days and produced a profit in its first year.  In October 2014, Valle changed the name to "Edison Parks Infectious Comedy Festival" otherwise know as "EPIC FEST!"

Also in 2008, Valle created "Stand Up Trivia",  which is pub trivia hosted by the Nation's funniest comedians, currently being played in Chicago and Las Vegas. 

In 2011, he created and produced Laugh and a Half, a monthly showcase featuring local and national comedians hosted by Valle himself.  Due to its success, just one year later Laugh and a Half became a weekly showcase on Chicago's famed Division Street.

Also in 2012, Valle conceptualized Qwizet(tm)! A  promotional game  that combines pub trivia and bingo and is also hosted by comedians.  Qwizet is currently being used by charities as a means of raising funds.

In 2013, he embarked on a ten city tour from Chicago to LA for thirty days then again for twenty-one more in the south-east.  After the tour, all projects were put on hiatis to attack the final rung of the latter, which in now know as The WIP Theater.  After a succesuful Kickstarter campaign in ealry 2014, Valle signed a lease on an 1700 sqft storefront in the heart of Edison Park. Similar to the “General Store” of old, The WIP Theater caters specifically to the area. Whereas theaters or similar venues located in tourist markets can get away with the same acts and shows every week, we will serve our neighborhood by rotating shows, styles and genres.  

On Nov 1st later that year, Valle and newest partner in The WIP, Timmy Whitzell created "Black Box Comedy", a weekly stand up showcase featuring the funniest comedians from around the globe. 

Yes I Am Show Business has also been responsible for providing music to such venues as House of Blues, Reggie's Rock Joint and Double Door.  When Valle isn't producing, promoting, booking, updating, writing, texting, calling, facebooking, tweeting, skyping, meeting or researching, he leaves Chicago to perform anywhere in the country that will let him.  Once in a while he even makes time for a nap.